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Main Current Rafting Expeditions
River Rafting Trips & Inflatable Canoe Expeditions in Northern British Columbia, Northern Rockies and Northwest Territories.

Smithers Day Trips

General Description
A locally owned and operated rafting company we are committed to safety and quality on all our trips. Born with a passion for adventure and wild places we can't wait to share our adventures with you. Services include:

  • Rafting, canoeing and hiking: for families, groups and whitewater adventurers.
  • Courses: kayaking, canoeing, river rescue and wilderness first aid.
  • Youth adventure camps and guide schools.
  • Leadership and team building exercises as requested.
  • All our trips include natural history interpretive talks.

We supply all river rafting and safety equipment you will need. You need to bring personal clothing suitable for a day in the outdoors and footwear that can get wet. To secure a spot it is advised you make a reservation. Early payment and group discounts are available.

Space is limited so book ahead by calling 877 909 7238 (toll free), 250 877 2144 (mobile) or email us at [email protected]. Full day rips begin at a designated meeting place and typically start at 9:00 and get back around 4:00 with half day rips typically run 9:00 to 12:00 or 1:00 to 4:00.

Granny Goes Rafting and Family Floats: Grade 1 & 2 $ 69 half day, $99 full day

  • Suitable for families, grannies or first time rafters.
  • Wildlife viewing for moose, bear, and wolves to name a few.
  • Interpretive talks to learn about local history, edible plants, animals and our local environment.

White Water Trout or Salmon run: Grade 2 & 3 $119, 129 full day

  • Suitable for the more adventurous groups (minimum 90lbs).
  • Spectacular scenery and white water make for a fun day.
  • Grade 3 rapids are guaranteed to get you wet.

Bulkley Canyon White Water: Grade 3 & 4 $149 full day

  • Suitable for the more adventurous groups (minimum 90 lbs).
  • Spectacular scenery and white water make for a fun day.
  • Grade 3 rapids are guaranteed to get you wet.

Day Hikes: $125 full day

  • Explore the trails with local experts.
  • Guided interpretive hikes provide local knowledge and improve bear safety.

Custom Trips: $depends

  • If you don't see something that suites you or your group please contact us and we will set something up to suite your needs.
  • This can include shorter tours for bus tours or overnight trips for youth groups.

Multi-Sport Getaways: (sample packages below)

Package 1 (min 4): from $349 for 2 days

  • Start your holiday with a white water adventure for your day river rafting. Come and hit the whitewater for some excitement and feel the adrenaline of running class 3&4 whitewater. That evening you will spend the night in a comfortable bed and wake up to a full breakfast. Day 2 you will go horseback riding through the mountains, stop for a picnic lunch and enjoy the mountain scenery. Note that lunch is included on both days and prices vary depending on the trips you choose.

Package 2 (min 4): from $372 for 2 days

  • Start your holiday with a family float for your day river rafting. Enjoy the scenery, learn about local plants and animals and catch a glimpse of wildlife in its natural habitat. That evening you will spend the night in a comfortable bed and wake up to a full breakfast. Day 2 a twenty five minute flight from Smithers B.C. will take you across forest covered hills and green meadows to one of two pristine glacier lakes at the foot of the 9000 ft Howson Range. After a 1/2 hour stay at the shore you will experience one of the most spectacular glacier tours imaginable, six glaciers up close in unforgettable fashion before we cruise home to Tyhee Lake. Note that lunch is included on day 1 and prices vary depending on the trips you choose.

Package 3: (min 4) from $325 for 2 days

  • Start your holiday by choosing a family float or a white water adventure for your day river rafting. Enjoy the scenery, catch a glimpse of wildlife in its natural habitat or hit the whitewater for some excitement. That evening you will spend the night in a comfortable bed and wake up to a full breakfast. Day 2 you can choose a day hike in the Bulkley valley or fly in to the Burnie Glacier Hut and spend 3 more days exploring the area with a mountain guide.

Adventure Camps: from $ 599 5 days

  • Have fun running local rivers while you learn key guiding skills. You will learn essential leadership and tea skills, basic raft control, river safety and first aid. You will be introduced to kayaking, canoeing and river rafting.
  • Along the way you will also learn about traditional plant use, local history and wildlife.

Guide School (May 2007): $ 2199 21 days

  • Spend 21 days learning essential guiding skills. We will spend most of our time learning the skills outdoors on actual trips. This will include day trips as well as a multi-day expedition. This course includes your food, transportation and all rafting and safety gear. Upon successful completion candidates will have certification in wilderness first aid, river rescue and raft guide with the BCROA. From cooking to leadership and team skills this course is suitable those interested in being a professional guide or private boaters interested in developing their skills.


Tuchodi / Muskwa | Turnagain / Kechika | The Nahanni | Gataga / Kechika | Wokkpash to Liard Expedition | Tatshenshini

Tuchodi / Muskwa

Big Horn Sheep

If a float plane trip into a game rich remote lake with nothing but time on our hands combined with an old WW II plane crash to check out sounds like interesting stuff to you, look no further. We won't mention the 70 year old robbers cabin and the awesome scenery you will encounter as we make our way down stream and the best part is we have eight days to experience this.

Just recently being given status as a BC Provincial Park and part of the magnificent Muskwa Kechika protected area the Tuchodi area is still in the beginning stages of protection but still contains the wonders it has held in it's boundaries for thousands of years. We also have an optional stay at a guest ranch and day horse back trips available for those looking to do everything.

(6 day - $2950 Cdn.)
June 11-16, June 18-23

From Tuchodi Lakes to the Muskwa valley.
Horseback safari at wilderness ranch.
Robbers cabin and lost gold bullion.
Departure Town: Fort Nelson



This is one of my favorite trips yet. It has all the qualities that we feel should be in a true remote expedition, untouched wilderness, history, and a true feeling of pioneering combined together with the stunning scenery makes this expedition one on it's own. Kevin and I have guided on some of North America's most famous waterways, Tatshenshini, Nahanni and Chilko to name a few and feel this is just as special. It has the honor of being named a Canadian Heritage River and definitely lives up to this title.

Starting at Boulder city, a historic mining community the crystal clear waters flow from near the Spatsizi plateau through the Cassiar range where wildlife is abundant as the soaring peaks above. On our journey downstream you will marvel at the amount of fish you can see in the clear waters, an anglers dream come true (we have seen dolly varden up to 18 lbs and grayling as big as 5 lbs ). On day seven we will come to the magnificent Turnagain canyon and falls, here those on the one week trip shall fly back to the starting town of Dease Lake while those on the two week trip are heli-portaged around the canyon and then continue on. We then enter the path of the Kechika and end our journey at the Liard, home of the world famous Liard Hotsprings where we might be persuaded to take a dip into the rejuvenating waters.

This area is new and raw to adventure travel so we recommend it to those looking for a unforgettable trip on a special and pristine waterway. We will be incorporating day hikes into the trips above and below the falls plus calling moose and elk in to get a more one on one with wildlife.

(10 day - $4950 Cdn.)
June 27-July 6, July 11-20

The fly fisherman's dream crystal clear water,
Rainbow, Grayling and 20lb Dolly's.
Heli-fishing / hiking and hot springs.
Departure Town: Fort Nelson, BC

The Nahanni

The Nahanni.

The River of Gold needs no introduction, without a doubt the Nahanni is the most famous classic trip in Canada. It's remote wilderness and deep canyons have been protected by the formation of the Nahanni National Park Reserve ( 1979 ), and it's status as the first named World Heritage site by UNESCO.

We are proud to have grown up beside this magnificent wonder of nature and now are able to offer expeditions into it's heartland through the historic and timeless Nahanni system. We offer four different trips in this unique area and I am sure you will find one that match's your hearts desire. From one week to 21 days you can experience the beauty of Nahanni.

We offer these expeditions by two type of craft's, 16' rafts for those who want a more relaxing adventure and the chance to take in the scenery and enjoy what nature has to offer or try out our inflatable canoe's. These crafts offer the security of an inflatable with the maneuverability of a canoe, truly the best of both worlds.

I hope these trips get your mind thinking of far away wild settings and keep in touch for new areas to adventure in for the north is vast and untouched in many areas and we are still exploring them for future expeditions.

(12 day - $4775 Cdn.)
Departure Dates: Please Enquire

With our friends at NRA

A Canadian classic.
The deep canyons with stories of gold and
headless men make this guided trip full of history
Departure Town: Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.


Gataga / Kechika

The Gataga and Kechika are new kids on the block as expeditions go, it has just recently been awarded status as a protected area and some areas have been transformed into provincial parks. We offer a 10 day expedition on the Gataga and upper Kechika systems, this area is remote and the waterway is seldom traveled. The area surrounding the Gataga and Kechika watersheds offer a glimpse into the past of what areas like Banff and Jasper were like in the early 1800's.

Kevin and I worked in the area back in the early 80's and were struck by it's beauty even at the young age of 13. It supports some of the largest concentrations of large mammals in North America, thus earning the title "Serengeti of the North."
We hope this area continues it's slow progression towards a protected watershed and want to show you the area as we see it now, wild and untamed.
Please contact us for a more in depth itinerary and we will also be glad to answer any questions by phone, fax or e-mail.

This trip uses Fort Nelson as an arrival and departure point with transportation to and from Muncho Lake ( the take off point for the charter flights into the backcountry ) provided. We also have a stop at Scoop Lake Outfitters ranch to provide us with a home cooked meal or a bath.

(11 day - $4850 Cdn. )
July 10-20th, July 24-August 3, August 7-17

The perfect trip for seniors and first time rafters
Called by some the "Serengeti" of the North
Heli - hiking / fishing and hotsprings.
Departure Town: Fort Nelson.

Toad to the Liard Expedition


Imagine traveling on four different rivers in one rafting expedition! Sounds impossible but it is true, the Northern Rockies of British Columbia offers the opportunity to blend a unique landscape, unforgettable area and a four-river journey into one trip. This combined with a natural hotspring; an amazing amount and diverse wildlife in the area and bountiful history will satisfy any adventurer's dream.

Incorporating some of the most unique and stunningly beautiful areas of the newly formed Muskwa-Kechika protected area; Kevin and I have formed the trip of a lifetime. Starting in the world famous but seldom traveled Wokkpash area we ensure the maximum enjoyment of this unique area with an optional heli-hiking trip on nearby Fuslier Glacier.We take time to marvel at some of the treasures this area holds including some of the best examples of "Hoodoos" (also known as erosion pillars) in Western Canada. This area has just been awarded status as a provincial park and we think its due time for this honor. After exploration of this unique area we travel through the soaring glaciated peaks of the Racing River and slick rock canyon. Then it's down the majestic Toad with a dip into the rejuvenating waters of Toad River Hot springs. Last but not least the trip ends on the mighty Liard just below the roaring cascade of the Liard Grand Canyon. The Liard is steeped in history and legends and was a major trade route of the fur trade in the late 1700.

So if you are looking for an unforgettable wilderness adventure with stunning scenery, moderate white water and a land teeming with wildlife look no further and depart on the trip of the new millennium.

(6 day - $2250 Cdn. )
July 2-7, July 16-21

Heli hiking, Fossil hunting.
Canyon hikes & hotsprings.
Heli Hiking: add $1000
Departure Town: Fort Nelson


Exploring wildlife and wilderness in the highest glaciated peaks of northern British Columbia.

Flowing through three United Nations World Heritage Sites: Kluane National Park in the Yukon; Tatshenshini - Alsek Wilderness Park in the remote northwestern corner of British Columbia; and Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park, the Tatshenshini offers a incredible journey of discovery. The 10 day expedition follows the silvery ribbon of the Tatshenshini from the rolling boreal forests of the Yukon into the worlds largest non-polar icefields and some of Canada's highest mountains, pushing their soaring peaks up to 15000' in the horizon. The lush undisturbed forests are the ideal habitat for an abundance of northern wildlife, including Bald eagles, moose, bears and wolves. Let your imagination be fulfilled on one of Canada's most beautiful expeditions.

13 day - $4928 Cdn.
Departure Dates: Please Enquire
With our friends at NRA

Explore the wilderness among a sea of ice.
Gaciers, Grizzlies and icebergs make this trip one of the most scenic.
Departure Town: Whitehorse, Yukon Territories.

Please Note:

  • 6% GST to be added by Main Current Rafting Expeditions.
  • Custom trips and group rates available upon request.
  • Included: guide services, charter flights, boats, and river gear with gourmet meals to and from departure point.
  • Travel insurance is recomended in case of costs due to cancellation, delays or emergency evacuation.
  • NOTE: direct connecting flight from Vancouver to Muncho Lake can be included (please inquire).
  • Additional costs from events beyond our control although rare, will be discussed and shared by all clients.

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